This Ultra Modern Tiny House Will Blow Your Mind

Living Big In A Tiny House
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This ultra modern tiny house on wheels is truly something to behold. With it's jet black exterior, super clever design and incredibly high quality of craftsmanship, this tiny home is sure to blow your mind.
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Inside, the home is every bit as practical as it is beautiful. Constructed by couple Matt and Lisa, this tiny house has absolutely everything the young couple needs and many extras on top! As far as tiny home’s go, this one is especially spacious and packed full of clever smalls space design ideas.
Read More: www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/ultra-modern-tiny-house/
If you’re a fan of modern downsized architecture, this tiny home is sure not to disappoint. Enjoy the full video tour of this spectacular home on wheels.
To follow Matt and Lisa and to find out even more about the construction of this home, be sure to check out their Instagram: instagram.com/tailored_tiny_co/
You can also find out more about Matt's company here: www.hobbsbathrooms.com.au/
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Music in this video by Bryce Langston: slvid.net/u-brycelangston
Presented and Produced by: Bryce Langsyton
Camera: Bryce Langston & Rasa Pescud
Editing: Rasa Pescud
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5. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 21 686
Slimypeople48 Pred 36 minutami
love the layout, would change a few things around but still really cool Are there any plans or blueprints of it?
Fiqri Rihyawan
When Kratos retired
It's Me GMani
It's Me GMani Pred 2 urami
I give this couple 6 months before their back on tinder.
Sasha Idin
Sasha Idin Pred 2 urami
5:40 to see inside the house
Philipp Schmidt
Philipp Schmidt Pred 3 urami
Thats really cool
Sylvia Sains
Sylvia Sains Pred 4 urami
Omg love it all of it specially the bathroom man is very talented
Toby O'Brien
Toby O'Brien Pred 6 urami
fucking amazing
Just a Cool Cat
Just a Cool Cat Pred 7 urami
flippin awesome
Sushma K
Sushma K Pred 7 urami
Man has a red scar
jprolls rolls
jprolls rolls Pred 7 urami
A lovely home for a lovely couple.
GYPZY danger
GYPZY danger Pred 8 urami
Absolutely 😁
Arsen Oxid
Arsen Oxid Pred 8 urami
You call this tiny? Looks pretty big to me. Most people got less living space in apartments. But fucking gorgeous house
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres Pred 8 urami
Wow!! She is gorgeous!
Philip Pred 9 urami
You know if these guys were to split up the girl would say thay the house is hers
Jennifer Lambert
Jennifer Lambert Pred 9 urami
Are they married? What happens to the house if their relationship doesn’t work out?
Nadine König
Nadine König Pred 9 urami
That is one beautiful home. Wow.
Juanjose Sanchez
Juanjose Sanchez Pred 10 urami
Shobha Puttur
Shobha Puttur Pred 12 urami
Mike Boudrie
Mike Boudrie Pred 12 urami
Amazing. Best tiny house I’ve ever seen , great work guys 👍
Julius Williams
Julius Williams Pred 12 urami
Dude sounds like adult stewie
Nic 485
Nic 485 Pred 14 urami
Why did this interview feel super awkward
Amberly Leopard
Amberly Leopard Pred 15 urami
so you’re telling me that their entire house is smaller than half of the room i’m in rn wow.
Timothy Lui
Timothy Lui Pred 16 urami
The most beautiful tiny house I ever seen.
Jordan Conelias
Jordan Conelias Pred 17 urami
someone give me a "yeah" count
Rich Jordan
Rich Jordan Pred 17 urami
no way
Jordan Conelias
Jordan Conelias Pred 17 urami
287 lol
LoLo Jones
LoLo Jones Pred 18 urami
Beautiful home but it’s hard to get past the passive aggression/tension between them. It makes sense kinda tho knowing she comes from a modest household and he doesn’t..🤷🏼‍♀️
Makez33 Pred 18 urami
So if you're a short dude all you have to do is learn how to build a modern tiny house to get laid. Refreshing
Sean An
Sean An Pred 18 urami
That woman is a bitch
Mark R
Mark R Pred 19 urami
I can see her showing him the door, and taking him for all he is worth. Watch out for this one Matt.
donnan huggler
donnan huggler Pred 19 urami
So great
TV Pred 19 urami
This is the very finest Tiny House I've ever seen.
Mar JuniorONE
Mar JuniorONE Pred 20 urami
Wow!😱 i want one!
Catherine De Venecia
You can definitely survive a zombie apocalypse through this. Lol.
Fjioera Lynn
Fjioera Lynn Pred 21 uro
Don't see them lasting long. She doesn't seem to like cats while he does.
Michaelito72 Pred 21 uro
Ugly black house. Ewwww. Would’ve been nicer in another color. But the inside is cool. And they look like they will building separate tiny homes real soon.
anna01 Pred 21 uro
Kinda getting a Chris watts & shanann vibe.
Victor Ryan
Victor Ryan Pred 22 urami
I aspire to live in a small home like this with someone else
Thehole Yourin
Thehole Yourin Pred 22 urami
I'd live here
Andrew Pred 22 urami
Probably my favorite tiny house featured on this channel. I could definitely live there.
Bryan Le
Bryan Le Pred 23 urami
15:35 “I don’t missing anything from my *exhales* large, normal house.” LMAO
hwickward Pred dnevom
Rick X
Rick X Pred dnevom
This is not a "tiny house". 🤣
Rushell Samuels
Rushell Samuels Pred dnevom
I love it
Olympia Lowlife
Olympia Lowlife Pred dnevom
Blogging Trucker Reviews
Haris Ahmad
Haris Ahmad Pred dnevom
I don’t understand how that is tiny
Bauza Prossie
Bauza Prossie Pred dnevom
Tiny but beautiful and neat
Chief Ebans
Chief Ebans Pred dnevom
Pussy Power personified.
Ankit Verma
Ankit Verma Pred dnevom
Looks incredibly spacious.
C L Pred dnevom
I noticed the man kept saying how big his old house is and this is downsizing a lot for him, and the house is only a dream come true for the girl.
petef15 Pred dnevom
"So you've lived here 4 months. Is the house living up to your expectations?" Her: Yeah absolutely. Him: :)
petef15 Pred dnevom
Rather live in a tent than have to live with her in that box.
Leilee Pred dnevom
Beautiful! I'd love me one of those for sure :)
Yashas Redd
Yashas Redd Pred dnevom
It ain't long before they *break up*
Partoz Kikosi
Partoz Kikosi Pred dnevom
I want house like this in Kenya. Anyone?
Tina Cortés
Tina Cortés Pred dnevom
Excelente 🏠 👏👏😊👍
Nath Gómez
Nath Gómez Pred dnevom
Bryce is like: Woww! That ceiling is AMAAAZING! SOO BEAUTIFUL AND CREATIVE!!! And they're like: yea.. it's nice...yup. Bryce is so nice 😊
ace b
ace b Pred dnevom
u better get married outside ur house
Marta Martrix
Marta Martrix Pred dnevom
I like the whole house very much, but I absolutely loooooove the cat's yard. It's so amazing!!!!
A tiny house with mice outside is better than a huge house with tiny mouse in it.
Kittonwy Pred dnevom
The woman didn't seem to have contributed much to the relationship.
Jills Mcfarland
Jills Mcfarland Pred dnevom
Too bad it's narrated.
Chris Neu
Chris Neu Pred dnevom
how the f got this that many more views compared to the average on this channel. doesnt seem legit to me
Tiara I F
Tiara I F Pred dnevom
Impressive, what a masterpiece of tiny house. It also cost 80 - 90 thousands dollars to realize this dream tiny house.
hongkies001 Pred dnevom
She sounds demanding
Fainted Pred dnevom
The piano i own is very big and i wonder if it will fit in this small house
Fainted Pred dnevom
Can this house fit my grand piano?
Jin Jin
Jin Jin Pred dnevom
🍵 hmmm, I an't saying she a gold digger but.....
Thomas Peckoff
Thomas Peckoff Pred dnevom
The only reason tiny homes r a thing is because of a debasement of our currency and our purchasing power is next to nill
maiarG 24
maiarG 24 Pred dnevom
Love all the homes! And the. Creativity of the people who made them.....but for thw host....almost all yoir questions end with "isnt it?" Leaving little answr space for your interviewees.☺peaceout.
Lucas Hickey
Lucas Hickey Pred dnevom
4 months later sold tiny house went our separate way
M R.
M R. Pred dnevom
Beautiful, one of the few I can actually imagine wanting to live in. Well done - I have tiny house envy!!
Son Quatsch
Son Quatsch Pred dnevom
them knives in the kitchen are scared. oh and guess what, the host was like, omg i cannot wait for this interview to be over...death-awkies. he was trying so hard to keep things interesting and light, with a lot of so hows tha weather...look folks you did an AWESOME job with the house...can't you folks just relish in that instead of being at each others throats on the side. the camera is off and he's got to play counselor
Olmecian Pred dnevom
Are there any DOGMEN out there in that forest ? Check out : Vic Cundiff, DOGMEN encounters (SLvid?
Pranay Tony
Pranay Tony Pred dnevom
This is a dream came true & an achievement!!👌💐
Nicole Dorsey
Nicole Dorsey Pred dnevom
Beautiful home. Her: this is all we need Him: this is all we are getting
Nkosi Rooms
Nkosi Rooms Pred dnevom
Upscale jail cell. Nah just playing its really nice love the look.
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell Pred dnevom
Nice house though it is missing a key room, laundry unless they scrub there clothes the old fashion way with a metal grader
Charles A Townsend
Charles A Townsend Pred dnevom
All I can think of is a live music stage out front... very cool. I'm a cat person so, if I'm lucky enough, I will be stealing that idea too. Great job. I think I would have already sunk a hottub into that stage out front.
Thomas O
Thomas O Pred dnevom
Something about that guy's eyes that makes me think he wants to get in his tiny house and take off... without the girlfriend.
Curtistine Miller
Curtistine Miller Pred dnevom
The house. is small but it looks modern and qite comfortable......Really. Smart
Jack Pred dnevom
This should be on Netflix
Browny Gaming
Browny Gaming Pred dnevom
Has 16 acres. Builds a tiny house sized 21mx8m...what a couple of weirdos????
Reeta at it again
Reeta at it again Pred dnevom
I didn't see a washer or dryer
Vishal Vlogs
Vishal Vlogs Pred dnevom
GeGGo9870 Pred dnevom
Net Phant
Net Phant Pred dnevom
Those railings are gonna have to change if there are children
Jaiden 26
Jaiden 26 Pred dnevom
How do they get food
JSong2010Alive Pred dnevom
Impressive!!!! Best Tiny Home I have seen yet! Well done!
Matt James88
Matt James88 Pred dnevom
Just buy a static caravan
bashterful RBLX
bashterful RBLX Pred dnevom
J Pred dnevom
Poor skilled guy. Very good at what he does but not clued up when it comes to women. She just wanted a dollhouse to play in.
1701patrick Pred dnevom
well are you thin and beautiful and hot like her? If you are not being your best for him , why would he bother?
An Ordinary Passenger
I want to buy one of this, what I’m going to do? Please help me
Jason Penz
Jason Penz Pred dnevom
she utilized his penis to get what she wanted lol smart girl
musicman0414 Pred dnevom
Charm the paint off a wall these two.
Idris Salam
Idris Salam Pred dnevom
Now all they need is some ghetto projects built down the road and a few liquor store, also don't forget about a Bodega 🤣😂😆
Tyg Rahof
Tyg Rahof Pred dnevom
I love it but it seems an energy hog. A/C , dishwasher, lights everywhere, TV alone! But nice nonetheless!
Jujube Hexx
Jujube Hexx Pred dnevom
how would one go about getting a tiny house similar to this one built in Canada? love this house would be perfect for me and my husband.
ThatFineArtTeacher Pred dnevom
I like them as a couple and he home is amazing for roughly $80,000
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