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My emails with Philipp: imgur.com/a/UfrXBWq
The full argument is listed in the shownotes (bottom of description) if you want the list of evidence.
Thanks to Johann Hari for letting me talk with him. I want to note that he isn't anti-Kurzgesagt. He likes their work, but thinks they clearly misunderstood him. Hari a lovely fellow. His website&book: chasingthescream.com
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My evidence for why Kurzgesagt didn't have this (entire) video planned beforehand, and why it was a shady attempt at damage control.
Evidence #1: Philipp never says across 3 emails (Feb. 2, Feb. 7, Feb. 21) that he's making a video that exactly answers some of my questions. Because his video so obviously rendered my interview completely useless, why didn't he just disclose this?
Evidence #2: Philipp said (paraphrasing) the video was good enough to stay up on Feb 2. On March 3rd it suddenly was deleted.
Evidence #3: Philipp delayed me with an interview hanging over my head, early March. This was AFTER I told him I would wait on him before my video could come out. March 3rd was when his video was released.
Evidence #4: His sketchy tweet that it was a "surprise video": twitter.com/Kurz_Gesagt/status/1101943659065458688
Additionally he hints that this video was basically random in his ama where someone asks: "What encouraged you to make the trust kurzgesagt video? What about it was so important to you guys, that you actually took action and made a video on it?"
Philipp says, "We made the video for a number of reasons. But the main one is that it was just time. I have felt uneasy about both videos pretty much since mid 2016."
if he had been stalling on taking two videos down for almost 3 years, why was it RIGHT now, right before an interview and a critical video, that he took it down. That's a pretty wild coincidence, especially if you buy Philipp's answer that it was "just time".
Questions I expect to be asked:
1. Did you reach out to Philipp to confirm this/privately solve this?
No. I considered this for a while, but the more I looked at what had happened, the more I was convinced that he was operating in bad faith. In that case, going to him privately as I had done the first time would just let him preempt me again.
2. Is there ANY way that this is all a big misunderstanding?
I don't see that as a possibility. There are a few possibilities and none of them are good, or honest.
His story is contradictory no matter how you slice it. Here are the possibilities.
A. [least likely] He already had the whole video planned----- he lied at least once, (again by omission) and manipulated a smaller creator once. He didn't mention his video response coming out so quickly(lie-by-omission), and TOLD me that the addiction video was going to stay up(lie). Not only that, he led me to believe I would be getting the interview and never mentioned most of my questions would be obsolete by the time we got to it(manipulation).
B. [semi-likely] He DIDN'T have any of the video planned----- he lied when he stalled my research, and lied to his fans with quotes like it was "just time" as the reason for his video and completely ripped off my research as a PR move.
C. [semi-likely] He had the video in the back of his head, and brought it to the front of his priority list when I reached out----- This would mean he manipulated me to stall my research, lied once (says he's keeping the addiction video up), stole my idea by quickly rushing out a video for damage control.
So no, this wasn't a misunderstanding. There's no way it could've been, unless Philipp is totally disconnected with what his team is doing, but that seems unlikely given he recently said, "Being the main writer and editor for our scripts and doing creative and art direction for our videos and channel as a whole. This means everything in a video needs to pass me. Which also means every mistake we make is my responsibility." [AMA]
3. Why did you make this video?
I saw this as a deep breach of not only professional trust, but also as a personal insult. I have been working on this video for 2 months, and to have a larger creator manipulate me and (from my perspective) lie to me, I can't ignore it. Not to mention it set my Pop-Sci video back considerably, and releasing videos is how I make a living. I also saw it as an affront when he gets so much applause from the community for essentially dodging questions and manipulating smaller creators.



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Coffee Break
Coffee Break Pred 11 dnevi
WHEW---------------RIP MY INBOX. Okay. READ-ME: (CGPGrey and SED's comments quoted here, since they've been buried in the comments.) I've seen a lot of negative comments about the emails, people don't read them as I did, and I think it's worth addressing my perspective. This has been quite the learning experience. So, first of all, if I wish I had done anything different, it's 1. Just releasing the full emails from the get-go, which I didn't want to do for journalistic reasons and 2. emailing Kurz back after his video came out. People feel I misrepresented the email situation because I don't reply to Kurz when he replies on Feb 21st, which makes it looks like I didn't want to do the interview and he was within his right to release his video. So here's how that looks from my perspective. I was stalled until March 1st to do my interview ("earliest I can do is next week" on Feb 21). I was traveling then, and by the time I was in a position to email him back, it was March 4th and I had seen his video, which I saw as a direct response to my emails and subverting my interview. This IS ADMITTED by Kurzgesagt, who says he did stall me and did take down the addiction video because of me in his ama. [he caveats this, says that it wasn't the only reason and he had the script in the works before that, but nevertheless admits this]. But all in all I felt the interview was dead in the water. Also when I say here that his video was damage control, it actually was. I've seen a lot of people wondering why I didn't reach back out to Kurzgesagt after he did this, and just get the interview anyways. I think I should've but at the time, I felt it was pointless. You have to understand my Pop-Science video is all about several cases of Pop-Sci gone wrong. If I'm interviewing someone who deleted the video, spun himself as trustworthy, what am I going to say? Additionally, he had me guarantee he could review his quotes before using them (emails). So even if I ask him interesting questions like: "Did you make your video in response to me"? I can't use it. Plus at that point, I thought the more interesting thing was the fact he engaged in damage control at all. So I have a choice, I can either reach back out and give him the chance to respond the way he did the first time, or I can make a video explaining the situation. I chose the latter. NOW: I understand why people are mad, and I definitely could've handled this better. But the salient facts of this are still the same: Kurzgesagt used my information to stall me and rush out his video. -------YES, I handled it poorly, and I could learn from this. But all the important parts of this are still true. And it all ended up in a video called "Can You Trust Kurzgesagt", which I found, and still find to be hypocritical. Oh and to those saying I'm deleting comments, I'm not and I don't. Just scroll down, you'll find their comments, along with a million others that say the same thing. The two most requested are CGPGrey's and SmarterEveryDay's. I've decided to quote them here to avoid confusion. CGPGrey: Obviously, I'm friends with Philipp, so that means you CAN'T TRUST ME, but I've been listening to Philipp talking about the changes to his research process and working on announcing it for probably two years at this point. Coffee break wanted to snipe Philipp on a topic close to his heart and cast FUD on something I know is important to the core of the way he runs Kurzgesagt. Smarter Every Day: Howdy Stephen. Destin here. (Fellow engineer btw). I'm the guy whose comment you showed at 7:42 over some ominous sounding piano music. If I'm reading the tone of this video correctly, I think you're trying to imply that I've somehow been fooled by the Kurzgesagt video into respecting Phillipp and his team. Not exactly sure why you chose to use me as an example of a foolish person, but I thought I'd pop in and address my original comment. -For posterity, my comment to the Kurzgesagt team on their original video is: "AWESOME. Well done leading by example guys. This is what journalism should be. I have a lot of respect for you." I just wanted to say that my comment remains true. I'm happy to double down on my respect for Phillipp, and the entire Kurzgesagt team. Just checked out some of your videos on your channel for the first time. You’re very talented at making video essays. I especially enjoyed the piece you made called “public shaming”. With quality like this I have no doubt you too will one day have a very successful video that will not withstand the test of increased scrutiny that comes with that level of success. You’ll have to make tough decisions then. As educational channels, we hold ourselves to a much higher standard, but sometimes we get it wrong. I’ve formally asked SLvid if we can address this issue elegantly in cases where the videos are clearly used for educational purposes. They’re working on something, but it’s not ready for prime time yet. The engineers that work at SLvid have difficult jobs, and I'm grateful for this platform that they've built for us. If I may offer a piece of personal advice I’ve learned the hard way (from getting things wrong several times). It’s difficult to build a house made out of glass, but it’s very easy to throw rocks at it. It’s a good thing to build up others instead of tearing them down. We can do a whole lot of good when we work together. You’re blessed to be a very skilled storyteller. Imagine all the positive things you can do for the world with that skill. Have a good one dude, Destin ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT3: Twitter thread about what has happened for the uninitiated: twitter.com/coffeebreak_YT/status/1105571779857342464 my main criticisms are a.) Kurz spun a video for damage control while parading himself around as a paragon of research virtue which makes the whole "can you trust" video hypocritical. b.) Even while claiming to be a now detailed research org, they still don't appear to have done the most basic investigation of the very video/author (Hari) they toss aside. c.) Their actions towards me were not just personally offensive and a huge waste of my time, they were ethics-wise SOOO shady.
Logan Free
Logan Free Pred 23 urami
Go die
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Pred 3 dnevi
I’m still with kersagt on this one
Violet Pred 4 dnevi
Has no one mentioned that it might of not been damage control to thier perspective and just a fair explanation? I get what your saying, but to me what they did was understandable. You acted like they owed you an interview right away and its some kind of conspiracy that they made a video adressing the issues with what they posted. Its quite childish. Maybe they we're in the wrong, too. But I dont see anyone seeing this.
cerval00 Pred 8 dnevi
Hate the dramatic negative piano music.. Kinda leading imo
Andrei Alexandru
Andrei Alexandru Pred 9 dnevi
+Dayshon Mathis kurz responded and showed all the emails...turns out this coffe break dude is just salty and a liar. This happens when weebs like stephan or whatever the fuck is his name are bitter that they dont get drama views. So he made an other drama video to get views. Lies and deception all day long
Narasimha Pai
Narasimha Pai Pred 5 minutami
stupid guy
GargaGaming Pred uro
Gary Zhang
Gary Zhang Pred uro
Yo, are we still getting that popular science video because it actually sounds interesting?
Max Weis - BalearicFilms
Dear SLvid, change up your chef's, this one was waaaay to salty.
Daniel Azevedo
Daniel Azevedo Pred 3 urami
Honestly I'd just delete this video and let the whole issue go. I like your videos but I can't see them the same way I used to after this. Just admit your wrongs and proceed, honestly, I can understand why you did it, you were mad, and felt used, which you were, to an extent. but I can't understand why you keep believing you were in the right. That's just pride by now.
Asvbdsv bdd Bvdsbnedbb
@coffeebreak I love you
Rohith Kumar
Rohith Kumar Pred 3 urami
he changed his thumbnail and now avoiding answering anyone. classic wait until the outrage as died down approach
Jan Bröer
Jan Bröer Pred 4 urami
After my somewhat aggressive comment I took the time to read the (public) e-mails, took the time to review the content by KurzGesagt, the books and yoru channel and previous videos. What I'm missing, how do you make money? indignation, Outrage videos? Where is your quality assurance? Almost all of your content has flaws, superficial knowledge, click-baiting thumbnails, bruh. GTFO.
SyMa X
SyMa X Pred 5 urami
You criticize damage control, then do it yourself? What level of hypocricy are you on?
Sam Ford
Sam Ford Pred 6 urami
I don't see anything wrong with this. They realised they made some mistakes, admitted to them and then corrected those mistakes...?
ScemEnzo Pred 7 urami
The way you patronize your supposedly legit stolen interview questions by making theatrics instead of being serious about it for ethical reasons. What a scum
Joshua Drew
Joshua Drew Pred 7 urami
Can someone explain to me why people hate this video I don't see anything wrong with it
Zinstorm Pred 3 urami
The emails shown in this video have been fully released and kurz also responded to this video in reddit... both of those things making this video look very bad (feel free to read them yourself and make your own conclusion)..
Jan Bröer
Jan Bröer Pred 7 urami
fucking religious ideology bruh. even if the video is misinforming, it is still better as your fuckig American drug policies. Stole your video idea. OMFG.
Acoyani Garrido Sandoval
What a nice way to completely destroy your reputation, with a failed hit piece against a respected content creator. And tarnishing their reputation in the process, even though they had shown to have a lot of self-awareness.
Cancer Pred 9 urami
Was this video edited? Last time I watched this was different
Mat Pred 11 urami
If Coffee Break's video was not meant to be a hit piece then I don't see a problem. However, this video makes me think that a hit piece was the intention as otherwise a perfectly good video could of been made instead of this.
nanupelu Pred 12 urami
I always had the gut feeling they were shady, they probably paid for dislikes and bad comments. But I will still be here watching you, brother.
John DC
John DC Pred 5 urami
Nope. Just normal people seeing that he lied on some of the statements he said after Philippe released the emails.
nanupelu Pred 12 urami
Damn, why so many dislikes?
lemon Pred 13 urami
More dislikes than likes lol
Andy Be
Andy Be Pred 14 urami
From reddit: Very interesting video, it would have been nice to tell tell you that they work on the video and that will maybe solve some of your critique points. Your video is done very well. I love kurzgesagt, but yes it is tought to not to oversimplify in a 15 minute video. Example: In a way I think some sentense can be really taken the wrong way. "That addiction is purely psychological and based on the life circumstances of the individual." But "purely psychological" does (as I understand it) not exclude brain cemistry or neuro-biological factors! So I never understood it in a way that chemicals play a insignificant role in addiction, but that this role is storngly mediated / modulated though psychosocial and environmental factors as well as different life events... 100% Psychological is (in my opinion) including enviroment and the individual organism... (nature and nurture so to speak and the interactions of organism and environment). I would be surprised if lots of people would understand it in a different way, but I think its good that you pointed it out. Because I would have not thought that there is a big margin for misunderstanding, when there obvioulsy is. Hari say something about "...all caused by the environment, there are theses other ppl. that think addiction is all cause by chemical *mubble*, thats nonsense." Here Hari is not mentioning that the environment changes the brain bio-chemstry (of course)... but I think his point is clear and you also don't explain his "dualism" more... so intake of substance, the organism, and the enviroment have all influence on the brain (neurophysiological, biological and chemical proesses in the brain)... what is the main influence, how they interact under which conditions are the questions... but this is hard to explain and is normally understood eventho not explicitly mentioned. So I did not, think you, Hari, (and in this cause Kurzgesagt) said it 'wrong' but maybe there was knowledge implied that the viewer not every viewer has. I really appreciate your video and hope you understand where I am coming from. Also I hope you don't take it bad, that you were not informed about the video. Hope you still have fun doing videos and researching the topics! I think it is great that you try to help Kurzgesagt and Johann Hari with critique an thoughtfull input! Nice that Hari and maybe Kurzgesagt can improove there content because of input, critical questions and factchecking like yours (from your and maybe from others as well). Great that you help the community to improve and help Looking forward to more of your output. TLDR: GREAT VIDEO! You also do not explain nature vs. nurture, nor the complex neurophysiological interactions of organism and environment in your video... a 15 min video is too short for that... your video is good anyways. Awesome that you fact check ppl and try to help them improve their content. Hope you did not take it too hard that Kurzgesagt did not involve you, and that you will enjoy continuing your thing and making new content. Cheers and best wishes.
hussein hussein
hussein hussein Pred 14 urami
I think you're right coffee break. Even if the whole world disagrees with you, you shouldn't give in. Diamonds are formed under pressure.
John DC
John DC Pred 5 urami
The emails were released. Compare the content and story of those with the statements made in this video.
Joshi Edits
Joshi Edits Pred 16 urami
“He didn’t release his video until March.” Yeah, no its not like his team has to animate anything.
Gringus Bingus
Gringus Bingus Pred 20 urami
Your whole channel is nothing but hit pieces. Not even good ones, go work for buzzfeed
Kai Schmidt
Kai Schmidt Pred 20 urami
If you want to produce content people'd like to watch, maybe this type of saltiness doesn't get you far. Nothing personal, I think your both content is great. But who ever starts such useless drama in such a way kinda makes me uninterested in someone. It's just nothing I like about Yters to watch :/ Great this video exists tho since this gives a look into what happened between you both. Something that actually wouldn't be possible just with KurzGesagts video only
Aakoo7 Pred 21 uro
As a long time fan and someone who has been watching your videos for a long time, I tought you would admit when you are wrong. Apparently not. You always seemed to be reasonable and choosing of your battles. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to choose your battles.
TheDoritoBoi Pred 21 uro
I would be careful with your arguments here, bud. People can easily take apart your argument that you make in this video. For example, there is a strong counter argument for calling you a hypocrite. The reason why you released this video is the exact same reason why kurz did not want to perform an interview with you. You are a smaller channel, and it was clear that you wanted media attention for finding flaws in a major channel’s argumentation. Why would a “competing” channel want to help a smaller channel while also possibly hurting their own brand? Kurz’s decision to stall an interview, and do what they did makes logical sense in a competative market. And also in a competative market, it makes sense why you posted this video for similar reasons. Both you and kurz want the better end of the deal, and so both of you “stab each other in the back.” You knew this video would bring views to this channel, however, it is very clear that you did not get the attention you were looking for. Also, I would like to ask if Harri has seen the original kurz video and the trust video? If he has not, then it does not make logical sense for you to use his response as a reference to how he responded directly to the kurz videos if he has never seen them. Finally, I believe, along with many others, that you misinterpreted kurz’s emails. It takes a long time to create the animation for these videos, and the fact that you are assuming that he created the video in response to your email still falls apart when one takes a look at the time frame between video publishing and your email. This video would have been much more convincing if you did not focus as much on how kurz “cheated” you.
PathRoad GT
PathRoad GT Pred 22 urami
fuck u
PathRoad GT
PathRoad GT Pred 22 urami
fuck u
Lazerus101 Pred 22 urami
Cursor EU
Cursor EU Pred 23 urami
This is basically like if you made a powerpoint presentation for class, and your friend notices that there is a typo in the text, he tells you and plans to call it out in the middle of the class, but instead you fix it on the spot and your friend gets angry because he didn't get to point out the typo.
Gerhardt Ratliff
Gerhardt Ratliff Pred 23 urami
I think it is honestly ridiculous that you feel entitled to an interview. I like some of your vids, but this really makes you look entitled and dishonest.
CGagnon5 Pred 23 urami
bro. delete your channel. it's been over a week. delete it.
speedy aids
speedy aids Pred 23 urami
mind ya dyam business kid
LancynicalYT Pred dnevom
You did have actual arguments but IMO your rage over Philipp making a video as a response to your email makes this video less valid. I am going to sound personal here, so don't rally around saying you are the good guy because no one is. Both you and Kurzgesagt have failures and at least accept that fucking video and move on.
Shinurai Altair
Shinurai Altair Pred dnevom
Like bar is 50/50. Wherever there is decision, there is conflict.
Angel and Kat
Angel and Kat Pred dnevom
I mean, at least they answered your questions. We are only human. We can be lazy, stupid, and we make bad choices. Kurzgesagt is at least trying their best to fix those mistakes.
Vincent Maggio
Vincent Maggio Pred dnevom
You suck buddy. Try creating something good yourself, instead of leeching from others for views/notoriety.
Dougal McGuire
Dougal McGuire Pred dnevom
kurzgesagt is a well informed and well meaning channel and it does far more good than bad and spreads a message of 'be informed and be understanding and accept other people'. that may come across as left wing and they sometimes do but theyre just liberal kind people. it seems you have intentionally misrepresented Philip. tut tut.
Brendan Pred dnevom
How to Completely Destroy Your Credibility in One Video
Moonyooka Pred dnevom
Enjoy the quick cash grab, I won't bother looking into the rest of your work thanks. Edit: Did you honest to god think the ominous music was a good idea? It SCREAMS "ooooh this is bad by the way you should think so too"
sqgl Pred dnevom
@CoffeeBreak, congratulations but I recommend you look into an app for punctuation/grammar/style checking before sending out more emails.
Sujata Ghose
Sujata Ghose Pred dnevom
Everything that happened nearly are the things u deserved lol
Jack Blades
Jack Blades Pred dnevom
You told him you weren't doing a gotcha piece but you are clearly butthurt about him robbing you of your gotcha piece. There really is nothing more to it. He had good reason to distrust you from the start and regardless of how cheated you might feel for not getting the attention and ad revenue that you craved, he did the right thing by swallowing his pride and explaining the whole situation before you had your chance to take advantage of the situation for yourself.
C K Pred dnevom
Why so many unlikes! Ugh SLvid 🤦🏼‍♀️
magicalpj Pred dnevom
Hoh boy. This video didn't work out too well, did it?
The Toxic YT
The Toxic YT Pred dnevom
dude the channel has 21 times more subscribers than you dont try to touch them ill throw that coffee at your face if you dont shut up
sensei meat
sensei meat Pred dnevom
Because you didn't gain in the way you wanted, you're mad. Kurzgesagt addressed this problem publicly and you didn't gain from it, which practically made you butthurt about this. I liked you before. Unsubbed.
john guy
john guy Pred dnevom
I wonder if he’ll take down the video to save face
RYANimations Pred dnevom
Why did people suddenly shift the perspective? Not long ago the comment section was *filled* with people saying "omg I'm unsubsribed to kurz!!" and how exposed kurz is. God, I hate mob mentality
James Bryant
James Bryant Pred dnevom
Mostly due to the fact people read the e-mails and Phillip addressed all other problems in an AMA on reddit. Coffee break here purposely misrepresented the e-mails to fit a narrative and then spun everything to make Kurzgesagt seem untrustworthy.
Nateruz Pred dnevom
People quoting Coffee Break: Coffee Break said publicly shaming is bad, but then he proceeds to publicly shame another creator! _people quoting Coffee Break begins to publicly shame Coffee Break_ I think we're starting a loop here...
Phlegethon Pred dnevom
Your channel's pretty garbage and just from a random millennial's dumb opinions.
Josh E
Josh E Pred 2 dnevi
You're quite the douchebag.
Isaac Iverson
Isaac Iverson Pred 2 dnevi
I hit the subscribe button halfway through the video, but by the end, I could basically smell the hypocrisy wafting. Un-subbed, disliked.
Owen M
Owen M Pred 2 dnevi
Booooooo, Coffee Break. Booooooooo.
Brenden Sellers
Brenden Sellers Pred 2 dnevi
“Bitter, pseudo-intellectual SLvidr- In a Nutshell”.... this coffee break guy deserves all the hate he’s getting
Adam Greeson
Adam Greeson Pred 2 dnevi
I think this issue has more complexity than the current dialogue is exploring. The community support and respect that Kurzgesagt and it's creator Phillip have are good indicators of their hard work securing a reputation with their audience, but it is not an automatic qualification of their character. You could look at the email exchanges as either Phillip being savvy and distrusting of Stephen (with or without good reason) or if you were Stephen himself you could see it as trickery... but for everyone to ignore the fact that Phillip was definitely showing bad-faith in their original exchanges is odd. To me this seems a tiered argument where community support and establishment does have a thumb on the scale even if it is slight. With less support being given to a wide perspective and more influence given to personal factors. on the other side: Stephen has made a multitude of mistakes in his handling of this, most of which have been covered and even I just noticed he is advertising Hari's website and book when that could be seen as creating bias :( . To Stephen, this is a Should've Could've Would'ves but a short video explaining your side of it without throwing shade on the entirety of a hardworking channel may have served your purposes better. People are put off by your aggressiveness in attacking their credibility based off of only one interaction and one video of theirs, while they have deep ties that go back years with many of them who watch being just as intelligent and aware of the mistakes as you are. Imagine yourself in Phillip's shoes (shouldn't be hard, you both do fine work on youtube IMO) honestly put yourself in the mind-frame of his position while in complete acceptance that all he has said is true and taken in good-faith, what then would you have done?
tropicalpersonality Pred 2 dnevi
the only thing you've been able to argue is how much of a loser you are
Quinn Rogers
Quinn Rogers Pred 2 dnevi
Surely your aim was to improve the standards of educational creators, and since that has been achieved you should be at least mostly happy? Unless you're only interested in drama and getting attention?
William Wright
William Wright Pred 2 dnevi
How dare they answer all your questions in a way that fits with all their channel's content form and aesthetic! Fake drama is such a waste of time... XD
HappyCheeryChap Pred 2 dnevi
I think all these " exposed" drama videos are a part of the reason SLvid as a company is moving its focus away from "youtuber content" to mainstream content. And fair enough from their perspective. Very unfortunate though. And I don't understand how someone with a channel like this (with videos on this exact subject), with this much popularity, could be so out of touch with reality that you would think this video makes you look good or like some poor victim. Not many intelligent adults are going to watch this and think you're doing this to be objective. And I'm not even taking into account that the emails were released, and I don't even hold any opinions about Kurzgesagt. My opinion is purely from the content of this video alone, it's just so pedantic, emo & hypocritical. This video just sounds like a whiny rant coming from someone bitter about not getting their opportunity to tear someone else down for short-term views over drama, although you've still done it anyway. I hope this trend goes away soon. I didn't subscribe to this channel for bitter & emo "take downs", so I'm unsubscribing until I see some evidence of some self-awareness. Your pinned comment, including [[[Kurz spun a video for damage control while parading himself around as a paragon of research virtue which makes the whole "can you trust" video hypocritical]]] is probably one of the most meta & hypocritical things I've ever seen online. And I've seen a lot of it over 25 years of BBS & internet culture.
Nimoi86 Pred 2 dnevi
Having read the whole email conversation, you're in the wrong in this one. Unsubscribed.
Angel Flores
Angel Flores Pred 2 dnevi
More dislikes than likes That's whatcha get when trying to bring down the bigger channels to take some of their subs
Oakenshield Art
Oakenshield Art Pred 2 dnevi
I don't like the fact that you're accusing them of misinformation and that THEY didn't respond, when the one not responding... was YOU! And when they try to be transparent with their viewers with a good video being forthcoming that they've made mistakes YOU try to shut them up with a really salty and pitiful attitude! You suddenly come off as that generic high school drama queen who starts unnecessary drama and backstabbing just because things didn't go after their schedule and preference.
mep meop
mep meop Pred 2 dnevi
he changed the thumbnail, pussy
Albert Martinez
Albert Martinez Pred 2 dnevi
Coffee break used become gay! It became retarded and gay
Tulio Diaz Moreno
Tulio Diaz Moreno Pred 2 dnevi
You are just playing yourself, trying to create drama to get more views, this is just repulsive manipulation
Pablostrepo Pred 2 dnevi
You’re just bitter
nathan ward
nathan ward Pred 2 dnevi
Ha!!!!!! Just read the whole email exchange, you're even more of a hack than I previously thought. Hope you have the decency to take down this video after you realize the amount of blatant bullshit in it; almost like what the credible channel you attacked did. Isn't it funny that you commit more obvious lies than the channel you're saying commits obvious lies? If you think you're above Kurzgesagt then take this video down and apologize for it you hack.
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe Pred 2 dnevi
youre a donkey
Maxel Joca
Maxel Joca Pred 2 dnevi
The only way you'll get laid is by a chicken. 🤣
Maxel Joca
Maxel Joca Pred 2 dnevi
Still Fuck you, Coffee Break!
Fathiya Hamdan
Fathiya Hamdan Pred 2 dnevi
It's a loss cause for you to have lost someone to interview as a sample to your research, but pointing it out like this only slows you down and dragging others whom are also doing something. You're disappointed, of course you would be, but hey, what's the point of you doing this? The Addiction video is flawed but they also said they were only starting up then. They also took down the video only a month after you flagged it, and didn't respond to you but then they took action. If you pointed out their mistake through your on-going research, you're dragging them down instead of giving constructive critics. Instead of straight-out saying "Hey, they're shady!" And other stuffs, why don't you just simply look away and take this opportunity to realize what your competitor is lacking back then and advance way better than they did before? Doing this damage you too instead of building you up.
Nick Walkenbach
Nick Walkenbach Pred 2 dnevi
Unsubbed dude, and you put out some pretty good videos in the past.
amy brown
amy brown Pred 2 dnevi
you have to call out inform overload now they had a video called can u trust inform overload so now u have to bully them
Winter O'Dochartaigh
You're a dishonest hypocrite. You're twisting facts to fit your salty attitude. Creators like you are a huge problem. I hope lots of watchers report your video for purposefully being misleading.
videospawner Pred 2 dnevi
Why attack them though. Scientists just peer review each other. They don't attack each other's. Work directly
FireFox Animations
FireFox Animations Pred 2 dnevi
How can I trust this if it’s an *informational* video about informational videos
eternallysilent Pred 2 dnevi
PolarBear Pred 2 dnevi
*changes the tittle* smart move bitch! very smart....
Evan Power
Evan Power Pred 2 dnevi
How to sum up this video: Coffee Break getting mad for some reason at another channel because they made a fair and honest video answering his questions.
Rik Singha
Rik Singha Pred 2 dnevi
Even Tier Zoo is beating them now
Mysty Draco
Mysty Draco Pred 2 dnevi
Wow this is hugely hypocritical. More like COFFEE BREAK is lying. Lol
Jean Pred 2 dnevi
The worst is that this video still got the views and drama it probably wanted
Captain Munch
Captain Munch Pred 2 dnevi
Unlike you, Kurzgesagt seems to have some level of integrity that they uphold themselves to. They didn't create this video to hide their faults; they made it to right what was wrong. Instead of parading their self-righteousness around as if they are invulnerable to being wrong, they are really trying to explain their motives and flaws in a way that will truthfully explain their channel. They have always been one of my favorite channels, and they are almost always as optimistic and honest as they can be. When they are not, they admit their mistakes and let their audience make with it what they will. They seem transparent--YOU seem shady. They want to be remembered as educators, as inspirations, and as sowers of a newfound interest in science for future generations. Obviously you desire only to corrupt on their good image, and now that it is your turn to be the victim, you get what you deserve. Seeing by how you play creepy music and show flashy alerts to cause distrust in Kurzesagt, it is apparent to me that you are trying to appeal to a similar audience as them. You want all of their supporters to flock from them to you, and this insidious plan is all that you will be remembered for. Even though you can never erase this act from your reputation, I do hope that you will know not to do this again and that you have learned your lesson. But for now: shame on you.
apprentice2101 Pred dnevom
It's funny how you say they have integrity, when they literally screw someone over while trying to convince you how you can trust them.
Crank Crobs
Crank Crobs Pred 2 dnevi
Pls delete your channel 🤦‍♂️ omg so cringe.
Aidan Curry
Aidan Curry Pred 2 dnevi
You tried to expose them with your opinion, not factual evidence, you understand how long animation takes, right?
Aidan Curry
Aidan Curry Pred 2 dnevi
Even so, yes opinion does matter but this was more opinion than fact
Clems First
Clems First Pred 2 dnevi
Don't trust anyone. Not even yourself.
ivan rangelov
ivan rangelov Pred 2 dnevi
What im getting from this controversy has nothing to do wit CB or Kurz what im getting is that people are waaay to quick to mob up and attack people first they attack Kurz without all the information and then they watch Philip's video and come here talking about "Hit Piece" Mind you if it wasnt for Philip I doubt a lot of people would be using this terminology people just want in on controversy attack people then switch sides whenever they feel like it , well im gonna keep watching both channels enjoy your short lived controversy people.
Jacob Hancock
Jacob Hancock Pred 3 dnevi
This left a sour taste in my mouth, odd considering how bitter it was... 🍋 In a nutshell, I'm a panpsychist, and find it very constructive to learn about myself and this constant experience through listening to all and any facts, fictions, opinions and jokes. I can make up my own mind on any topic; from pub theory banter about politics, sociology, science, philosophy, etc. all the way to peer reviewed PhD journals and TED talks... It's almost like you're calling all people idiots who believe anything they read or hear and forgo objective criticism and ability to research, for their hard wired cognitive dissonance. So what if an old video, from back in the infancy of a budding channel on a (relatively) new social media tool is 'sort of' incorrect, and so what if you highlighted it but did so in such a way it alarmed the creator and highlighted that said material didn't align with the objectives he held today. You bummed up your own interview because you appeared hostile and salty. What did you expect? That's if your motivations were truly honest to begin with; in my estimation, this just paints you in a bad light either way. Not that it matters. I wouldn't say he did 'damage control', because if you did bash him as a result of your journalistic inquiries I'm sure the situation for you would be a lot worse than this current one. No one is right all of the time, but Kurzgesagt have great content that's just about right and accessible for anyone, it's good that they do what they do. Maybe you can do more right things in the future. ...To sum up, it doesn't matter, all of what you said is pointless. Some people believe the bloody EART IS FLAT > FFS.... 😑
IddyO Pred 3 dnevi
Ahh give the guy a break... *A COFFEE BREAK* ..I found this so much funnier than i should have.
Sloth Sin
Sloth Sin Pred 3 dnevi
Soo, it’s not actually about bettering the community and how pop science presents information but more about you being greedy. I love how the premise of this video is about how simplification of information can lead to misinformation, very ironic.
Mihir Zala
Mihir Zala Pred 3 dnevi
Came back for the second time. Wow it has exploded. As they say, All publicity is good publicity. Your videos make me cynical, probably a good thing in moderation. After the school of life video, i started reading original works rather than watching school of life.
talbasko Pred 3 dnevi
How to lose subs 101
Not Clickbait
Not Clickbait Pred 3 dnevi
Even though this video got 1.1 million views, he still didn't make any profit off of it. There aren't any ads throughout the ENTIRE video.
Fabian Brown
Fabian Brown Pred 3 dnevi
When did you get married? You bad goyim :-D
Dylan Grant
Dylan Grant Pred 3 dnevi
my main criticisms are a.) Kurz spun a video for damage control while parading himself around as a paragon of research virtue which makes the whole "can you trust" video hypocritical. b.) Even while claiming to be a now detailed research org, they still don't appear to have done the most basic investigation of the very video/author (Hari) they toss aside. c.) Their actions towards me were not just personally offensive and a huge waste of my time, they were ethics-wise SOOO shady. So you learned nothing and essentially did nothing wrong Fuck you, you pathetic fuck.
CrazyJayBe Pred 3 dnevi
1:08 You do realize that Kurzgesagt released a correcti--- 2:53 Nvm
Jero Kro. Saltos de Realidad
Its really disturbios that you Jerk off the frustration of not being taken serious attacking a Channel that its much better Than yours
Jero Kro. Saltos de Realidad
Woaw you really need to get a life
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