Why I hated Pewdiepie (w/ Pewdiepie)

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Now the truth is out there
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31. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 12 374
Pøkemon Master12
Pøkemon Master12 Pred 22 minutami
I hope for legal reasons that’s a joke
Jack Koch
Jack Koch Pred uro
Subscribe to travengamer1
Alex Gacha
Alex Gacha Pred uro
How did PEWDIEPIE get soo dam far
Kyran AFK
Kyran AFK Pred uro
GaMEs_INsiDe Pred 2 urami
*NO LEGS* As always 😂😂😂
Natasha.c_x lol
Natasha.c_x lol Pred 2 urami
There's pewdiepie with almost 95M subs and just Roomie with nearly 5M 😂 (No hate)
Stalin the Legend
Stalin the Legend Pred 4 urami
How tha fuck Can you hate him
Murdy Pred 5 urami
Ender Friend
Ender Friend Pred 6 urami
When PewDiePie passes out T-Series again, T-Series has to make a congratulations song for him. *Nintendo Switch*
Awsomeboy2295yt Pred 6 urami
0:25 says recorded a music video called congratulations shows botch lasangna
4dehh b0io
4dehh b0io Pred 6 urami
This is real, pewdiepie have no legs
Epic Cuck
Epic Cuck Pred 6 urami
k but, tisse im en fly
Pig Singer-Barbod Adineh
Dude I also hated pewdiepie so much I supported t gay now I'm like sub to pewdiepie rn and I love pewds
Alix765 Mesfin
Alix765 Mesfin Pred 9 urami
Hay I’m sweden 🇸🇪
BaekhyunFanEndedByLip bite
Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ifrontic gamers
Ifrontic gamers Pred 10 urami
the funniest part when roomie said f this guy at 4:16 😂
Jake Handsome
Jake Handsome Pred 11 urami
My favoritw part is this 2:50
Albest Creatory
Albest Creatory Pred 11 urami
(: You gotta make me look gud :)
Marino Zugan
Marino Zugan Pred 11 urami
If roomie is Joel does that make pewds ellie ( ha ha last of us reference ) also if Felix doesn't play the last of us part part two I will explode myself
Ata Show
Ata Show Pred 11 urami
If you hate Pewdiepie, why you do a song to him ?!
Wandering Marine Veteran
Awesome film, for the Pew!
TTV_Dark Snipar
TTV_Dark Snipar Pred 12 urami
Roomie is Joel
Kompyang Wibisana
Kompyang Wibisana Pred 12 urami
Rommie make video about i hate pewdiepie Me:Thats Javla illegal XD
Oakey Pred 12 urami
I also hate pewdiepie then but now i love watching his videos
#Classic Gaming-YT
#Classic Gaming-YT Pred 14 urami
Ayy Congratulations!
Nellyn :3
Nellyn :3 Pred 15 urami
We did a song: *bANgRatULaTionS*
Cooper Gunn
Cooper Gunn Pred 16 urami
Roomie might have 4.6 million subs but pewdiepie has 94 million subs
HolaSoyOliver Pred 17 urami
I hate PewDiePie!
AntonoZ Pred 18 urami
Swidish boys
AntonoZ Pred 18 urami
Are you swidish,i know that pewdiepie is swedish but i diden't no that you were
Daisy The Pomsky
Daisy The Pomsky Pred 19 urami
Let’s see how many reply’s I can get on this comment
Dds_ Bryce454545
Dds_ Bryce454545 Pred 22 urami
Rommie: I’m moving pew:why Ronnie so I can be #1
Luca Clayfield
Luca Clayfield Pred 22 urami
Here’s.. the motherfucking.. tea
Springtrap Pred 23 urami
What amazing legs
Mr memes
Mr memes Pred 23 urami
i meant smosh
Mr memes
Mr memes Pred 23 urami
smash was first
Oreo SUCKS Pred 23 urami
This is one day before April fools
Jaimus Joyce
Jaimus Joyce Pred dnevom
Wow this felix guy sounds great he should start a SLvid channel
SonicPlayz Pred dnevom
How did you and PewDiePie get such muscular legs?
Haddy Njie
Haddy Njie Pred dnevom
*sexiga kyckling nuggets* and thats all the swedish i know
Rev Pred dnevom
Ok lowkey both were lookin handsome here 😅
Rosie Pred dnevom
Remember when felix had that mank as caveman beard? That’s why I stopped watching pewdiepie
S.F Productions
S.F Productions Pred dnevom
I remember the first time I ever heard the name Pewdiepie, I was 11 (now 17) my dyslexic friend asked me how to spell it. I had never heard the name before so of course I confidently said...”P-O-O-D-E-E-P-I-E”
Rosie Pred dnevom
I like the editing
0:26 that was bitch lasagna not congratz
ByLotiix Pred dnevom
Kan du norsk?
Wilsom Williams
Wilsom Williams Pred dnevom
I love this vid but it feels weird to see two swedish guys talkin english instead of swedish
Pink Sweetss
Pink Sweetss Pred dnevom
Roomie: you can always hate someone and you will always be right. Felix: RiGhT!
mergy101 Dalmatians
So people thought it was cringe to make SLvid videos ......but now tiktok is a thing.....
gwsd Santas
gwsd Santas Pred dnevom
Sikiyim pewdipay :D no engiliz
Bro Preet
Bro Preet Pred dnevom
I dont really hate pew but like the way he made the video bitch lasanga (i dont really know the spells( it seems like u dont wanna make a gud relation brov. otherwise m fine with supporting u
anna zheng.
anna zheng. Pred dnevom
*i tHoUgHt wE wErE fRiEnDs*
BrutalZone Pred dnevom
where is the pewd's comment..Lemme check
truth and lies
truth and lies Pred dnevom
Good bye t series win hahahahaha
Jenchael miney Achacoso diez
Bitch Roommie Shiity You
Jenchael miney Achacoso diez
Thats The Reson Why You Fucking Hate Pewdiepie
PUBG MOBILE Pred dnevom
guys who spotted that the music video is not it it is bitch lasagna like if you spotted it and comment if you didn't but it starts it in 0:26
Hamz joe
Hamz joe Pred dnevom
the only swedish i respect is Zlatan Ibrahimovic
ჯიგარი TV
i would hate you if i knew that u hated piwdiepie
Alex The smart kid
Alex The smart kid Pred dnevom
3:41 penis
Alex The smart kid
Alex The smart kid Pred dnevom
2:56 i live in romania... does that mean pewdiepie is closer to me?
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf Pred dnevom
But Then F***king Gay- Series Came
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf Pred dnevom
2:37 NANI?
TEAM BANANA Pred dnevom
Where is why i love pewdiepie
aim. onster
aim. onster Pred dnevom
Are you the son of Elon Musk?
Amanda Weidow
Amanda Weidow Pred dnevom
MrBuffed Pred dnevom
STFU jonas lol
Panda LilMochi
Panda LilMochi Pred dnevom
You guys are from Sweden I’m from Norway 🇳🇴 Hei Jeg liker dere vid aldri stopp!!!
hugbugly Pred dnevom
swedish bög means gay
Silent Human
Silent Human Pred dnevom
For the amount of subscribers you have, I never knew you existed. *proceeds to strap on 25 inch shrek dildo which can squirt out acid*
E. Andrews
E. Andrews Pred dnevom
10:53 I used to...dislike... PewDiePie. But now I like him.
skrattande ankan
skrattande ankan Pred dnevom
viste nt att du va svensk
Potato Crittens
Potato Crittens Pred dnevom
Don’t worry roomie *I’ve always used to* hate you.
ItsGumnay Gaming
ItsGumnay Gaming Pred dnevom
Who of pewdiepie?
Dgame Breaker
Dgame Breaker Pred dnevom
roomie thats illegal...
Bozo The Clown
Bozo The Clown Pred dnevom
is everyone from Sweden blessed with amazing genes bc god damn...
Srejv Pred 9 urami
陳至華 Pred dnevom
Kill Em All
Kill Em All Pred dnevom
So much fucking nostalgia!
Skipper Penguin
Skipper Penguin Pred dnevom
r/whoosh chain
tcx_ SnipèzZ
tcx_ SnipèzZ Pred dnevom
Heather Mclean
Heather Mclean Pred dnevom
SUB TO PEWDIEPIE 😎😎😎 sorry just had to :)
Mr Maniac
Mr Maniac Pred dnevom
Roomie: no she’s dead Felix: HELL YEAH Me: OOOOHHHHHHH this is why he hated him
Yerso - Raidz
Yerso - Raidz Pred dnevom
1234 Roomie used to be a whore
Turtle Games
Turtle Games Pred 2 dnevi
fantastic editing 0:36
Crown Drumm3r
Crown Drumm3r Pred 2 dnevi
I was today years old when i found out roomie was a swede. Gött som fan ;D
Just Pea
Just Pea Pred 2 dnevi
Meme review: 2 claps *PewDiePie review: 3 c l a p s*
David Pred 2 dnevi
0:30 that's some good editing
Amber Bowden
Amber Bowden Pred 2 dnevi
Why did he dress Australian lol p.s I'm Australian also I'm half swedish. Sos if I can't spell it's 1 in the morning
ору не могу
idk , but everycomment is like from fortnite channels , r we gonna make minecraft stuffs?)
The myth Hunter
The myth Hunter Pred 2 dnevi
When u do a song with PewDiePie lol
VideoGameLucky Pred 2 dnevi
Felix accidentally showed his no-legs. *Jumps Off Building*
LoLDdDdD Gt Pred 2 dnevi
No legs 😂
LoLDdDdD Gt Pred 2 dnevi
No legs 😂
Mystery Animation
Mystery Animation Pred 2 dnevi
xxxBTSxxx Pred 2 dnevi
AaAh. WHaaaAaAAT?
sāwnii gacha
sāwnii gacha Pred 2 dnevi
0:12 when you find out your best friend has bin shit talking about you
DanReptile Pred 2 dnevi
+1 sub :)
juan juan
juan juan Pred 2 dnevi
iraq: Bans Fornite VPN: hold my beer
Raidor Pred 2 dnevi
Hard to imagine Roomie is one year older than Pewds
Godspeed Pred 2 dnevi
Avicii was Swedish too😥
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