Will It Taco? Taste Test (REHEATED)

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It’s our 1500th episode!! We’re celebrating by revisiting our very first Will It! Can Josh make us like the first Will It we truly despised? GMM #1500
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11. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 8 911
Alpha Pred 2 urami
You guys deserve a Medal of Honor for your bravery
Leilee Pishva
Leilee Pishva Pred 4 urami
Was I the only one that thought of youresoloud when Rhett talked about his Highschool nickname
Gabe Hudson
Gabe Hudson Pred 5 urami
Will it French toast
BigBlueApple -
BigBlueApple - Pred 7 urami
Who would win in an arm wrestle between u guys
namjoons rejected handshake
Etta Nichols
Etta Nichols Pred 12 urami
Reheat the will it doughnut episode
Abigail G
Abigail G Pred 13 urami
Rhett: "Easier to penetrate" Link: "You have to stop" 😂😂
Joey Bazan
Joey Bazan Pred 15 urami
Phoking Rhett lol.
Purple Zucchini
Purple Zucchini Pred 16 urami
I'll join the Mythical Society if we find out how Josh made pork blood taco.
Endia Williams
Endia Williams Pred 16 urami
Josh is magic. I'm shook
Lindsey M.
Lindsey M. Pred 17 urami
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn Pred 17 urami
Will it candy!!
Samantha Ellenberger
Samantha Ellenberger Pred 18 urami
Now eat 1,500 cheese balls
Justinious Tolentino
Justinious Tolentino Pred 19 urami
We eat BBQ'd pork blood in the philippines, and it taste so good.
Delp Entertainment
Delp Entertainment Pred 20 urami
Y’all should reheat will it icecream sandwich or will it deep fry
Damian Woodford 2003
I want you two to do the will it ice cream sandwich again
Shannon M.
Shannon M. Pred 22 urami
5:55 - Y'all are better than that.
Fantastyboy112 Pred dnevom
Will it corndog
Stormy Games
Stormy Games Pred dnevom
Will it hotdog REHEATED
big central
big central Pred dnevom
On September 15 they should watch there very first video and use the original intro.
David Stedile
David Stedile Pred dnevom
Guys pls contact James Corden and go ASAP! On his show... It would be great see you against him on his eat out.
Keily S
Keily S Pred dnevom
Been a while since I've seen a 'Will It'... just remembered why you don't eat while watching it
Its Bru
Its Bru Pred dnevom
I told yall pork blood tastes good when seasoned well
Zoe Ello
Zoe Ello Pred dnevom
For every gross food they do they should say “Link it and don’t sink it”.
Sombo Play
Sombo Play Pred dnevom
Will it hot pockets
James SAP
James SAP Pred dnevom
This guys are gonna get phoking demonetised
Greg Martin
Greg Martin Pred dnevom
Sean King
Sean King Pred dnevom
do will it smoothie next
Big Bad Bunny
Big Bad Bunny Pred dnevom
A good morning to eat breakfast and watch Good Mythical Morning
Tuni Scott
Tuni Scott Pred dnevom
Its 5:17 am I need to be awake in 2 hours but now all I want is tacos....
blazing dragon
blazing dragon Pred dnevom
This video has a lot of nostalgia :D
CreativeCandy Pred dnevom
I love this 😍😍😍😍
Kaden Hadley
Kaden Hadley Pred dnevom
What about next 'Will it Creamer?'
SSSniperfox Pred dnevom
Will it pizza?
Amanda Le Loup
Amanda Le Loup Pred dnevom
Those worms were slimy but unsatisfying!
Impeccable Idiots
Impeccable Idiots Pred dnevom
I wanna see a will it burrito
Piper’s Treehouse
Thank you for supporting us Girl Scouts!! 😊 I also love your channel so much and my whole family!
garret garcia
garret garcia Pred dnevom
I remember it was 400 episode
Cayden Wall
Cayden Wall Pred dnevom
It was my fav will it
yo girl lily
yo girl lily Pred dnevom
im eating tacos whine watching whis
Reuben Parnell
Reuben Parnell Pred dnevom
Should've called it the tacpho
Nick Ramirez
Nick Ramirez Pred dnevom
I’ve been watching these guys for as long as i can remember
ThaBoss00541 Pred dnevom
Will it Deep Fry
masterdaniel500 Pred dnevom
Aiiiiiiiiii 9:20 finnaly
Zoey Cherry Vivian
Zoey Cherry Vivian Pred dnevom
Rhett talking about penetration got me wet
rafael Ocana
rafael Ocana Pred dnevom
Will it Ice Cream Sandwich? (Revamped)
John Berry
John Berry Pred dnevom
It’s not pronounced fu it’s pronounced Fah even though it’s spelled Pho 🍲
Justin Greenland
Justin Greenland Pred dnevom
I want to see a revamped "Will it shoe?"
RockismyAir Pred dnevom
1500 episodes? Oh my god, congratulations. Rhett's jokes are better than Link gives them credit for
Taariq Blackwell
Taariq Blackwell Pred dnevom
Do “Will it corn dog”
James Peyton
James Peyton Pred 2 dnevi
Reheat Will it Ice Cream or Will it Pizza
PepboyIvan ツ
PepboyIvan ツ Pred 2 dnevi
5:01 demolition ranch get on it
Jeffery James
Jeffery James Pred 2 dnevi
Will it donut reheated
cory miller
cory miller Pred 2 dnevi
The Letter was Handwritten, That's Class. You guys rock. Keep it up! 1500 More!
BMAX123 Pred 2 dnevi
I literally just watched the 1400 episode.
Celine Lumowa
Celine Lumowa Pred 2 dnevi
Four years. It's been four years since the original Will It Taco episode and I never got over the fact that Link didn't cleverly smirk & say "Let's TACO bout that" in the intro. Yet here we are, years later, and this was everything I needed it to be
Zach Poulter
Zach Poulter Pred 2 dnevi
Do will it cornbread
Annaliese Hutchings
Annaliese Hutchings Pred 2 dnevi
Can you do another will it taco but with Gordon Ramsey??
mangle20607 Pred 2 dnevi
I remember the other Will It Taco episode.
D0ñâld Düćk
D0ñâld Düćk Pred 2 dnevi
rhett: its f**king great link: me: kmwnehu3475t46rg8yf8g6tg8yd
Hard Truthes 908
Hard Truthes 908 Pred 2 dnevi
Not gonna lie. Your first will it taco got me though a bowl rest when I could not eat anything (other then though a feeding tube) for a solid month.
WTF FILMMAKER100 Pred 2 dnevi
Will it Pizza? Reheated
local commoner
local commoner Pred 2 dnevi
Season 15 15 mil subs 15k videos What are you saying here?
Larkle Pred 2 dnevi
I continue to be greatly impressed by Josh's culinary skill. Who would have thought that blood anything could pass through to a 'it will'.
TheJaeTee Pred 2 dnevi
do another...... will it double awesome!
86Drifter Pred 3 dnevi
Will it Lasagna? ft. PewDiePie
Graphics Forless
Graphics Forless Pred 3 dnevi
They should definitely reheat “Will It Ice Cream Sandwich” 😁
Sandfox Pred dnevom
It should be called refreezed
Unknown Awakening
Unknown Awakening Pred 3 dnevi
Next will it, will it mochi?
MikaylaVlogs Pred 3 dnevi
My god you changed your intro again
Jonny fire
Jonny fire Pred 3 dnevi
Is he old or did he paint his hair
LolnoU Pred 3 dnevi
dry bird poop taco
Erika Pred 3 dnevi
I'm here wishing for Will it Barbeque with Pho. We'll call it "Pho Que"
Yorick G
Yorick G Pred 3 dnevi
Do will it toilet paper next, just whipe your ass with random stuff.
Drive By Nerf
Drive By Nerf Pred 3 dnevi
15th hunderedth episode...
T33N DRUGZ Pred 3 dnevi
Good episode but it’s more fun if they throw up
Robloxgamer Master420
Y’all should really open up a restaurant, and put all of the best will it items on the menu
Tori Corbett
Tori Corbett Pred 3 dnevi
Reheat Will it cereal!!!
Koda jablonski
Koda jablonski Pred 3 dnevi
Totally watching the first of this next
Caitlen Hudak
Caitlen Hudak Pred 3 dnevi
Omg, yas!!! I loved the first will it taco and this is so great! Also, will it ice cream, will it pop tart, will it marinade, will it barbeque, will it crepe, will it pancake, will it waffle, will it french fry, will it omelette (with odd eggs instead of chicken eggs), will it toupee, alllll of the will its!!!!!!
tyranomegosaurus Pred 4 dnevi
oh god! those worms I can't!
Destiny B-hunnie
Destiny B-hunnie Pred 4 dnevi
Guys, guys, "will it pizza" reheated!
Matante & Manièce
Matante & Manièce Pred 4 dnevi
Will it sushi
J Tunes
J Tunes Pred 4 dnevi
Wait what! I just realized I’m not subbed but I’ve been subbed since season 7?
Stef fake
Stef fake Pred 4 dnevi
I want to know how to cook that blood taco
Yosepi Brady
Yosepi Brady Pred 4 dnevi
The cookie taco should have been desert though, right?
Anonymous Pred 4 dnevi
"Easier to penetrate" 😂Rhett be killing me💀
OddLunatic Pred 4 dnevi
I wanna see a vid of Josh making the pork blood taco
Alexandria Lisa
Alexandria Lisa Pred 4 dnevi
Do will it icecube
Thomas Wells
Thomas Wells Pred 4 dnevi
When you run out of ideas
Victor Greenwood
Victor Greenwood Pred 3 dnevi
Except they did new things... And they still have other foods they can try... Also if you're so clever suggest an idea they do actually listen, go ahead...
douglas burdine
douglas burdine Pred 4 dnevi
You guys are awesome I remember when you guys were on you’re other channel Rhett and link and the little skits congratulations on 1500 episode
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright Pred 4 dnevi
Jakob Gegg
Jakob Gegg Pred 4 dnevi
Reheat will it donut and will it Cookie!
teacup ichee demongod
M Pred 4 dnevi
Thank you for making my day everyday for the last four years .... thank you.
Lucy Scarlett
Lucy Scarlett Pred 4 dnevi
Rhett seems happy to cus
Blade_des Pred 4 dnevi
Intern Derek has the best job
MadHattey Pred 4 dnevi
You should reheat Will It Ice Cream Sandwich!
Nicole Fuja
Nicole Fuja Pred 4 dnevi
Will it Cake???
Wicha Foodcritic
Wicha Foodcritic Pred 4 dnevi
Some kind of sorcery 👌😅😆
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